News: NYCC/YAOFA/The Visionaries Academy Launches Climate Change School Clubs in the Niger Delta

Student responding to question during the training

Participant recieving the Certificate of Partcipation

In the past decade, it has been called everything from the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind” to the “greatest challenge to face man”. There have been conventions, coalitions, and conferences held in its name. Hundreds of politicians have discussed, debated and even come to agree on possible solutions armed with which we might stand and face its impending challenge. Thousands of scientists have released studies, statements, and reports documenting its harmful and possibly even apocalyptic consequences for all of the world’s biodiversity. Millions of people have individually altered their own lifestyles and together they have walked and run and biked in fierce protest(

The issue at hand is climate change. So what are Nigerian Youth doing?

The Nigeria Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC) is an umbrella organization for individuals, groups and organizations working on Youth and Climate Change in Nigeria. Through Youth Aid Organization for Africa (YAOFA), NYCC is currently implementing a Climate Change Youth Communication project titled “Engaging Naija Youth on Climate Change Project” funded by BNRCC. Through the funding, NYCC/YOAFA held a National Youth forum to Celebrate International Youth Day at Shehu Musa Yaradua Center on August 16th 2010 with the theme “ Our Environment, Our Year Our voice” where over 200 youths and media agencies were in attendance including the Head, Special Climate Change Unit of the Federal Ministry of Environment. The event was also supported by Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), Abuja Green Society (AGS) and Women Environmental Programme (WEP) 

Group Photograph in Akure

the funding from BNRCC, NYCC/YAOFA has trained over 80 students in two schools in Warri LGA of Delta State, Orlu and Nkwerre LGAs of Imo State, and Akure LGA of  Ondo state.  The 3 days training  was the 1st ever youth-led initaitives in the state using peer-education model, and it was aimed at creating awareness on climate change while building youth-leadership capacity as climate leaders.  The student who Participated in the training said that they are excited to know why and how thier climate have been changing and what to do to adapt. They promised to train their peers in schools.  The following were the schools

1.      Ubeji Junior Secondary School, Ubeji, Warri South local governments, Delta state
2.      Ekapn Senior secondary and Junior schools, Uvwei  local government ,Delta state
3.      Cambridge Interational Secondary School, Uvwei Local Government, Delta State
4.      Eziama Comprehensive high School, Eziama, Nkwerre LGA, Imo state.
5.      Bishop Shanahan Collegue, Orlu, Orlu Local Govemnet Area, Imo state.
6.      CAC Grammar School, Akure, Ondo State
7.      Ijapo High School, Akure.
8.      St Micheal’s Secondary School, Akure

In the end, Nigerian youth have all of the evidence they need to inspire action. All that is needed now are the diplomatic and policy-building tools that will complement the amazing energy and creativity of these youth, enabling them to help tackle the environmental and ensuing social challenges the world currently faces.

Special thanks to The Visionaries Academy, Warri, Delta state and Kids and Teens Resource Center, Akure, Ondo state,and Partners in Owerri, Imo state


News: Nigerian Youths Make Case for a Safer Climate future

“OUR ENVIRONMENT, OUR YEAR, OUR VOICE”, was the theme of this year’s first climate change youth forum held on August 16th 2010 at Shehu Musa Yaradua Center in Abuja to celebrate the International Year of Youth , which runs August 2010-2011.

Discussing Nigerian biodiversity: under a beautiful tree

The aim of the forum was to create awareness and increase knowledge of young people on issues that affect the environment, especially climate climate issues.  The event was also an opportunity for young people to share experiences and dialogue with leaders of today, in order to raise leaders of tomorrow.  The morning session included the launch of the “One House One Tree Campaign” with over 200 trees donated by the Abuja Green Society, and planted at the Mnifa Estate, Abuja.  The event was organized by the Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC)/ Youth Aid Organization for Africa (YAOFA) and VSO Nigeria (Volunteer Service Oversea)., in collaboration with Global Xchange Returned Volunteers Forum, Abuja Green Society (AGS), Women Environmental Programme (WEP) and funded by BNRCC (Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change) as part of its Engaging Naija Youth on Climate Change Project and

The event brought together young people from all sectors and parts of the country to engage in dialogue, collaborate and reflect on International Year of the Youth and the future steps towards a sustainable future in Nigeria where young people are rarely consulted on issues of global environmental governance.

Tree Planting, Launch of One House, One Tree Campaign

Over 200 participants attended this event, including NYSC MDG Group members, Partners, youth leaders, volunteers, and distinguished members of the media.  The event had the honour of having the participation of Dr.  Victor Fodeke, Head of the Special Climate Change Unit of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Mrs Julia Ajayi, VSO Country Director, Dr Austin Uganwa, NASPA Project Coordinator, and Dr. Hussaini Abdu, Country Director of Action Aid.

In her Welcome remarks, Mrs Julia Ajayi emphasized the need for youth to step up and take action against the global climate change crisis. Dr. Fodeke, rallied the youth during his rousing presentation on ” Climate Change What You Need to Know” thanked the organizers and gave a goodwill message from the Hon. Minister of Environment, Mr John Odey.

The event was a wonderful occasion for participants to learn and inspire each other. A special feature was a “Live Talk Show’  where guest speakers were invited to share their leadership experiences with the “live studio audience”.  One of the guests included Adewole Taiwo, a participant of President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Forum which was held at the White House in Washington DC recently.

The event also included a “Town Hall Meeting” where youth had the opportunity to speak to a panel of experts and mentors to raise their questions and concerns about the environment, climate change and how their role in governance and leadership in Nigeria’s future.

Group Photography with the Country Director Actionaid Nigeria

Advocacy: BNRCC/NYCC Youth-Media Dialogue and the NASPA Project!

The NYCC team(Esther, Tiawo, Femi, and Abraham) paid an advocacy visit to the NASPA Project Office recently.

It is clear that an organized, systematic approach at the national level in Nigeria is needed to address our climate change problem. The core challenge for Nigeria is to develop the framework and the capacity at the state and local level to assess and respond to vulnerability and resilience of sectors to predicted climate change impacts. This will involve the development, assessment and implementation of adaptation options. The “National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action” (NASPA) project is designed to assist in this process.

The National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action (NASPA) Project was developed on the achievement of an earlier initiative called the Canada-Nigeria Climate Change Capacity Development Project (C-NCCCDP), implemented with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), 2001-2004 and implemented by the Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST).(

As Part of our Project activity, NYCC with support of BNRCC is planing a Youth Media Dialogue  for August 2010. An event that will create a platform where two Force. YOUTH AND MEDIA  .where Youth will speak to  youth and Media, connect! an event that is geared towards shifting  Power to Clean Energy and to young People with paradigm shift while contributing to the NASPA project.

Like our peers in the UK, Canada, and the US, their POWERSHIFT event has inspire, activate and connect thousands of young people to address climate change together. This has also inspired many people in Africa, and Nigeria, as a giant of Africa is taking the lead!

Building on the success of NYCC  2009 and the rapid growth of the Nigerian  Youth Climate Coalition, Youth Media Dlaiogue will empower and train the next generation of climate leaders to achieve positive change.

The program will include inspirational keynote speeches from high profile youth leaders, climate scientists and politicians; workshops on community organisation, climate science, solutions and how to create change in your community; regional breakouts, enabling you to plan climate action with people in your region; and heaps of other fun sessions! Power Shift is part conference, part festival, part training, part celebration of the power of young people to change the world, and so much more.

for more info, please contact : NYCC at +23480 68184017.

Updates from Project Field Work on Advocacy and Sensitization in Warri, Delta state and Orlu, Imo state

Climate change is one of the major challenges facing the world.  Many countries have already been impacted by climate change and this has affected their development as a result of adverse impacts on sectors such as agriculture, water,

Gass Faring in Warri, Delta State

Advocacy visit in Ubji, Warri south Local Govt. Delta state

human health and tourism.  There are also opportunities from climate change, for example new financing instruments such carbon finance, to help move towards low carbon development and reduce local air pollution at the same time. It is clear that a concerted effort in addressing development under a changing climate is needed and has been recognized by many multi-lateral and bilateral development agencies, countries, NGOs and community organizations.  However, a major challenge on moving forward is the access to the knowledge and the capacity to move from knowledge to action on climate change.

Advocacy visit to Orlu Imo state

The Niger Delta is highly susceptible to adverse environmental changes occasioned by climate change because it is located in the coastal region of the world. Coastal regionsof the world are already experiencing flooding due to rise in sea level. Amid the impact of climatic change, the region is also faced with myriads of environmental problems resulting from oil exploration and exploitation activities.

Reports on the environmental state of the Niger Delta are conclusive that the area has become an ecological wastelan

Project Sensitization at Lagos State 2nd Climate Change Summit

d. Nigeria is flaring more gas than any other country in the world; 2.5 million cubic feet per day. This actually corresponds to 40% of the gas which is used in whole of Africa. Because of the contained methane and CO2 Nigeria’s gas flaring contributes more to the global warming than all the other emissions of whole Sub-Saharan-Africa together.

According to a new study commissioned by the World Bank in 2007 Nigeria accounts for roughly one-sixth of the world-wide gas flaring which in turn, spews some 400 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, the World Bank survey has listed Nigeria and 15 other oil producers, as countries that have progressively reduced gas flaring between 1995 and 2006.

NYCC/YAOFA Concludes Advocacy and Sensitization Visit to Orlu, Imo State

It is important to tell major stakholders and tell them they have a critical opportunity  to provide leadership and create a fair and just policy for comprehensive climate change legislation within the local government.  This is not a debate about climate change only, but a prudent course of action to reduce our  use of fossil fuels, create job opportunities for clean energy and safeguard poor and vulnerable people.

From April 27th 2010 NYCC/YOAFA Team headed to Orlu, Orlu LGA of Imo state for project Advocacy and sensitaization visit led by Esther Agbarakwe. The Team visited the LGA Secretariate met with the Head of Environment& Health Deptment, Bishop Shanahan College (BSC) and Eziama Compreshive Secondry School, Eziama Obaire. during the visit, the team held focused group disscusions with some students, interviewed local government personnel.

We diccovered that no Project on climate change has ever taken place in the community. Even the “Clean &Green Initaitive” of the state Government has NOT carried out  specifically any project on climate change. some student interviewed have never heard of climate change, Few farmer we spoked with are not also aware of climate change concept but have noticed dractic changes in the weather parttern.

Earth Day 2010/350 Climate Meetup

More than anyone the Youth, face unprecedented challenges as a result of global climate change. They also share the responsibility of addressing it by educating their peers on adaption issues and engaging in policy advocacy. As a group, they are key moral stake-holders in the local, national and international processes treating the most important challenge of our generation: climate change. As it is their future, they will be disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change

In the face of this global challenge, older generations are coming to the table to work towards a remedy. However, in energy, productivity, and creativity an ever-growing youth movement has eclipsed their efforts. Self-mobilized youth around the world are currently pursuing just and sustainable solutions to global warming with the maturity and sense of urgency necessary in these pressing times

It is from this background that BNRCC Climate Change Youth Communication Project was launched today, during the NYCC 2010 Earth Day Celebration/350 Climate MeetUp.  An event that attracted over 20 Youths from various youth organizations across the country as well as BBC World Trust-Nigeria  to create awareness on issues of environmental sustainability and climate change while  inspiring actions around the world

Volunteers were recruited and a 350 Climate Work Party was planed for 10/10/10!!!

This is about survival. And while we are in this together, younger generations possess the clarity, the vision and the imperative to help save this planet. We hope that NYCC is one of many platforms that support those on the journey towards unifying our growing world and repairing the damage we have done, in the interests of both present and future generations of life.We at NYCC believe it is these youth who have the power to mitigate the forces set in motion by our industrialized societies. With the proper resources and guidance, the bureaucracy that currently hinders international climate policy will be avoided, and an opportunity to discover honest and efficient political solutions will ensue. With feasible intergovernmental ratifications made concerning global warming, domestic efforts will be far more efficient. Inspired and led by youth, our global community will solve the problem that has already inspired so much adversity around the world.

The broad objectives of this BNRCC/NYCC Youth Project are to provide young people with credible messages and access to further information on climate change and what they can do about it, with opportunities to make a difference, and with recognition and rewards for their work towards emissions reduction and adaption. Within the context of the BNRCC project, NYCC seek to mobilized, sensitized and build the capacity of 2000 youths as young climate Champions between the ages of 12 and 25 in Delta, Imo and Ondo states.  When completed, the project will provide Identified platforms to promote access to information on vulnerabilities, impacts and adaptation to climate change.

BNRCC and You(th)!

Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change (BNRCC) project aims to help build informed responses to climate change in Nigeria by enhancing capacity at the community, state and national levels to implement effective adaptation strategies, policies and actions.  The BNRCC project is funded by the CIDA, and will be managed by the consortium of CUSO and Marbek Resource Consultants, both of Ottawa, Canada, see (, and,). It will be implemented in partnership with the Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST).

BNRCC’s goal is to reduce poverty and improve living conditions for Nigeria through better climate change adaptation strategies. The primary purpose is to build informed responses to the impacts of climate change through improved livelihood, health, access to natural resources, equality and governance. The project is owned by Nigerians and supported by CIDA.

Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC) has been contracted to implement a 8th-Month Youth Communication Projects towards building a Youth Response to Climate Change. NYCC is Partnering with Youth Aid Organization for Africa (YAOFA) to implement this project. NYCC  hopes to bring together (across states) youth led organizations with common interest to contribute to sustainable national development. The organization also makes for meaningful youth engagement in local and national climate policies in Nigeria, while inspiring and stimulating the growth of the culture of professionalism among young people working for sustainable environmental balance.

Project Activities includes; Peer-Led Capacity Building, Establishment  of Climate Change Clubs, Production and distribution of Youth friendly IEC material on Climate change, Youth Media Dialogue, tagged “Powershift Naija 2010” and numerous networking activity. The project is billed to be launched on April 23rd, 2010 during 2010 Earth Day Celebration and Climate MeetUp Event in Abuja.

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