Earth Day 2010/350 Climate Meetup

More than anyone the Youth, face unprecedented challenges as a result of global climate change. They also share the responsibility of addressing it by educating their peers on adaption issues and engaging in policy advocacy. As a group, they are key moral stake-holders in the local, national and international processes treating the most important challenge of our generation: climate change. As it is their future, they will be disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change

In the face of this global challenge, older generations are coming to the table to work towards a remedy. However, in energy, productivity, and creativity an ever-growing youth movement has eclipsed their efforts. Self-mobilized youth around the world are currently pursuing just and sustainable solutions to global warming with the maturity and sense of urgency necessary in these pressing times

It is from this background that BNRCC Climate Change Youth Communication Project was launched today, during the NYCC 2010 Earth Day Celebration/350 Climate MeetUp.  An event that attracted over 20 Youths from various youth organizations across the country as well as BBC World Trust-Nigeria  to create awareness on issues of environmental sustainability and climate change while  inspiring actions around the world

Volunteers were recruited and a 350 Climate Work Party was planed for 10/10/10!!!

This is about survival. And while we are in this together, younger generations possess the clarity, the vision and the imperative to help save this planet. We hope that NYCC is one of many platforms that support those on the journey towards unifying our growing world and repairing the damage we have done, in the interests of both present and future generations of life.We at NYCC believe it is these youth who have the power to mitigate the forces set in motion by our industrialized societies. With the proper resources and guidance, the bureaucracy that currently hinders international climate policy will be avoided, and an opportunity to discover honest and efficient political solutions will ensue. With feasible intergovernmental ratifications made concerning global warming, domestic efforts will be far more efficient. Inspired and led by youth, our global community will solve the problem that has already inspired so much adversity around the world.

The broad objectives of this BNRCC/NYCC Youth Project are to provide young people with credible messages and access to further information on climate change and what they can do about it, with opportunities to make a difference, and with recognition and rewards for their work towards emissions reduction and adaption. Within the context of the BNRCC project, NYCC seek to mobilized, sensitized and build the capacity of 2000 youths as young climate Champions between the ages of 12 and 25 in Delta, Imo and Ondo states.  When completed, the project will provide Identified platforms to promote access to information on vulnerabilities, impacts and adaptation to climate change.


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