NYCC/YAOFA Concludes Advocacy and Sensitization Visit to Orlu, Imo State

It is important to tell major stakholders and tell them they have a critical opportunity  to provide leadership and create a fair and just policy for comprehensive climate change legislation within the local government.  This is not a debate about climate change only, but a prudent course of action to reduce our  use of fossil fuels, create job opportunities for clean energy and safeguard poor and vulnerable people.

From April 27th 2010 NYCC/YOAFA Team headed to Orlu, Orlu LGA of Imo state for project Advocacy and sensitaization visit led by Esther Agbarakwe. The Team visited the LGA Secretariate met with the Head of Environment& Health Deptment, Bishop Shanahan College (BSC) and Eziama Compreshive Secondry School, Eziama Obaire. during the visit, the team held focused group disscusions with some students, interviewed local government personnel.

We diccovered that no Project on climate change has ever taken place in the community. Even the “Clean &Green Initaitive” of the state Government has NOT carried out  specifically any project on climate change. some student interviewed have never heard of climate change, Few farmer we spoked with are not also aware of climate change concept but have noticed dractic changes in the weather parttern.


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