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BNRCC and You(th)!

Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change (BNRCC) project aims to help build informed responses to climate change in Nigeria by enhancing capacity at the community, state and national levels to implement effective adaptation strategies, policies and actions.  The BNRCC project is funded by the CIDA, and will be managed by the consortium of CUSO and Marbek Resource Consultants, both of Ottawa, Canada, see (, and,). It will be implemented in partnership with the Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST).

BNRCC’s goal is to reduce poverty and improve living conditions for Nigeria through better climate change adaptation strategies. The primary purpose is to build informed responses to the impacts of climate change through improved livelihood, health, access to natural resources, equality and governance. The project is owned by Nigerians and supported by CIDA.

Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC) has been contracted to implement a 8th-Month Youth Communication Projects towards building a Youth Response to Climate Change. NYCC is Partnering with Youth Aid Organization for Africa (YAOFA) to implement this project. NYCC  hopes to bring together (across states) youth led organizations with common interest to contribute to sustainable national development. The organization also makes for meaningful youth engagement in local and national climate policies in Nigeria, while inspiring and stimulating the growth of the culture of professionalism among young people working for sustainable environmental balance.

Project Activities includes; Peer-Led Capacity Building, Establishment  of Climate Change Clubs, Production and distribution of Youth friendly IEC material on Climate change, Youth Media Dialogue, tagged “Powershift Naija 2010” and numerous networking activity. The project is billed to be launched on April 23rd, 2010 during 2010 Earth Day Celebration and Climate MeetUp Event in Abuja.

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